How do I make a reservation? Why do I have to pay a deposit? 
First you fill out our info form, select your package or rentals, then you pay a $50.00 deposit which is required to reserve an inflatable or package, payable with a debit, credit card, or paypal. Once your deposit is made your date and time are officially reserved. Make sure you check our calendar on the website to make sure your bounce house is available on the day of your event. You will not be placed on calendar unless deposit is complete for any purchase. It lets us know your event is taking place and gives us the opportunity to prepare for your event to make it the best experience possible. 

How far in advance should I make my reservation? 
We recommend you make your reservations as soon as you know the date, time and location of your event. It is first come, first serve! If your date is already reserved you will be notified in your confirmation call or email within 24 hours. And the sooner you reserve your bounce house the better. 

How do I Pay? When is payment due? 
Remaining balance is due at the time of delivery and before setup. Upon delivery, we will only accept cash, credit, and debit. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. If paying with a debit/credit card, you can pay the balance off on our website pay button and print a receipt for us before we arrive. We accept credit and debit cards on arrival as well.

What happens if it rains ??
If it rains on your event date, you have the option to reschedule or cancel. Upon cancellation, you will receive  half refund of your deposit. We believe our customers should not be penalized due to unfavorable weather. 

Refunds are only rewarded if the delivery driver has not arrived and setup. After the setup has been completed, there will be no refund. If unable to setup when we arrive due to area property issue at last minute you will not be refunded your deposit. Inclement weather (rain, high winds, etc.) is the only variable that will necessitate a refund after the reservation has been made. Funflatablez reserves the right to cancel delivery on short notice if it is determined that weather will be a factor in the safety of the participants or harmful to the equipment in any way. Allow 3-5 business days for refund due to processing with your bank.We will refund 1/2 of your deposit if you cancel for any reason. Once we book you it takes the item out of rotation so if you cancel we lose as well.

What is the rental period? 
Our inflatable’s are rented on a daily basis for a period of NO LONGER THAN 6 HOURS Prices are not pro-rated for shorter rental periods. $20PER EXTRA HOUR.$50 FOR OVERNIGHT MORNING PICKUP.We partner together and make sure you have more than enough time for the kids so times for rentals will differ per customer but each rental time period is for 6 hours minimum. 

What is your delivery policy? 
WE Deliver to these counties for highlighted on the home page, anything outside our delivery area there is a $40.00 Dollar delivery charge. We schedule a time and adhere to it to our best ability, allow a 15-20 minutes grace period. If unable to setup when we arrive due to area property issue at last minute you will not be refunded your deposit. Check our map on the homepage to see our delivery area.

What time do you deliver and pick up the inflatable(s)? 
We pick up and deliver the same day. Delivery times are from 8am-2pm. Please understand that its extremely difficult to deliver at specific times, but we will do our best to adjust our schedule to meet your needs. If unable to setup when we arrive due to area property issue at last minute you will not be refunded your deposit. Pickup time is no later than 8:00pm. 

How much space do I need to have in my yard? 
Bounce Houses require at least 20ft wide, 20ft long and 20ft high of available space (clear of ALL debris - rocks, branches, sticks, pet litter, etc). Set-up has to be within 100ft of a standard household power outlet. To ensure safety , a wide clear area is required . If you have some doubt if it will fit, you can email a picture of the venue or we can visit the property ahead of time.

How do I know if the inflatable I am interested in renting is available?
If Any items are unavailable, you will be immediately notified before the order process is completed. All orders are confirmed via email once deposit and info form is complete. We try are hardest to make your event happen the day you want, with the rental you want. 

Are inflatable’s safe? 
Absolutely! As long as all the rules outlined in the operator safety acknowledgement form are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe. We will request your signature on this form and give you a copy on the day of the delivery. We securely stake the base of all inflatable’s into the ground to ensure stability. 

What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bouncer? 
A responsible adult must be assigned to supervise all activity in and around the inflatable unit while it is in use. The adult must know and enforce all safety rules. The renter is responsible for the safety of all participants and the care of the equipment. You are responsible for any damage to any of our products. 

Can we set up the inflatable equipment in an area where there is no electricity?
NO, If no electricity is available when we arrive, you will have to purchase our generator services if available, which is not guaranteed. You will not be refunded if electricity is not available and you did not request our generator services. Extension cords will be included with your inflatable rental at no additional charge. If your event takes place in an area where an electrical outlet is unavailable, we can provide a fully-gassed generator for an additional $65.00 per day. Please notify us in advance if electricity is NOT available on site.

Does it matter if the event is a public venue or park? 
Make sure you inform us if there are any permits, or restrictions of the party area where we will be setting up. Some public areas of gathering require permits or have certain restrictions. Make sure you have permission for us to setup. If unable to setup when we arrive due to area property issue at last minute you will not be refunded your deposit. 

How many kids can jump at a time? 
It is recommended that no more than 10-12 kids should be jumping at a time. The supervisor for the party should keep notice of how many kids are jumping for their safety. To many kids jumping can cause injury. Keep a close eye on the children and their activities in the bounce houses.

Yes, We can do last minute bookings for bouncer rentals, if we have them available. Though we do recommend that you book as far as possible in advance. Full balance must be paid prior to delivery if event is next day.

Can I pick the inflatable bouncer or slide up at your location, and set it up myself? 
For safety reasons, all of FUNFLATABLEZ bouncers must be set up and taken down by a representative of FUNFLATABLEZ. Due to the sheer size of our bouncers (some are 300 plus pounds), no customer pick ups are permitted. Besides, it's best to leave the work to us.

What kind of area can bouncers or slides be set up in?
You will need a somewhat flat grassy area that is clean of debris (sticks, stones, mud, etc.), tree roots, or pet waste. If you do have a sprinkler system, please advise us before setting up. For proper clearance, you will need at least a 20x20 area, with clearance overhead (no power lines, trees, branches, overhangs, etc.) of 20 feet. An electrical outlet needs to be within 100 feet. If you do not have an electrical outlet nearby, a generator will be required. We also rent generators. 

Can inflatable bouncers be setup on pavement (i.e. cul-de-sacs) or driveways?
Yes. Hard surfaces must be smooth and clean. Rough concrete surfaces are too abrasive to the bottom of the inflatable. 

Can you set them up indoors? 
If the overhead is clear and there is enough room to set up, gyms, rec centers, or indoor pavilions are ok. If there is room and the environment is safe we can set the bounce house up. 

Does the blower have to run all the time? 
Yes, the blower keeps the inflatable bouncer inflated. As long as all riders have exited safely, the blower can be unplugged to deflate the bouncer or slide. 

What’s the ideal age limit for a Funflatablez party? 
Ages 2 -10 are the ideal ages for a Funflatablez party. Smaller kids can fit better in the houses, There is a 175 lb limit an individual. No adults in the bounce houses, they can damage the inflatable with excess weight. The younger kids can bounce all day. If you have an older audience our game truck is ideal for adults and teens.

What are the features of the bounce houses? 
The Combo Bounce houses include a bounce area, slide area, a hoop inside, bounce ball, and climbing area. The houses differ in color schemes. The theme houses are just bounce houses, no slides.


Give us a call at 404-748-2055 and we will be sure to answer any question you have. We want to make your experience with us as easy and positive as can be. We take pride in serving our customers who keep us in business.